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Module Development & Plugins

Open Source software development and eCommerce development are feature-rich out of the box, but business dynamics often call for custom modules and programming to offer additional functionality.

We’re able to code additional functionality for you to your specifications.

A thriving industry for website plugin development already exists. In some cases, modules that fit your requirements already may already exist.

We can install and customize them.

open source development and ecommerce website development
web design

Web Design & Refresh

Once you’ve invested in a platform, the chances are that you’re going to remain with it for some years. However, you may decide to update your image with a website refresh which involves creating news skins for the site.

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SEO Services

E-commerce websites rely heavily on natural search engine optimization to bring traffic. We can work with you to ensure that the taxonomy, architecture, and content give your products the best possible visibility in search engines with both one-off overhauls and continuous optimization services.

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search engine optimization
google merchant centre

Google Merchant Centre

The Google Merchant Centre is one of the primary ways in eCommerce website development which enabled sites can list their products with Google and appear in relevant search results.

Though shopping results have been commercialized, gaining visibility via Product Listings Adverts in Google Adwords is an advertising option that displays relevant product results from your store to customers when they are searching for products like yours in search engines.

PHP DevelopmentHire a PHP developer in Think 360

You don’t need to host with us or be an existing client to hire a PHP developer on an hourly basis. The vast majority of the projects we work on involve PHP in some way or other and as a digital agency, we have an exceptionally strong technical team.

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PHP Coding Services

PHP is a server-side programming language that can be used for building bespoke software systems. PHP is often used in conjunction with (but not limited to) MySQL for data storage.

PHP is versatile and can be used to build a wide variety of systems, including CMSs, booking management, e-commerce, dashboards, and data collection/ analysis.

Systems built with PHP can interact with third parties via APIs.

One of the main benefits of PHP being our go-to server-side language is the multitude of open-source software packages it gives us access to, such as the OpenCart, Shopify, and Wordpress+Woocommerce e-commerce systems.

php programmer

We’re very happy to discuss the needs of your project and provide you with a ballpark for your work. As a technical agency, we’ve got three full-time members who code in PHP, though our resources often get booked up quickly.

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Frequently asked questions

Ask a Question Before Hiring a UI UX Agency

Yes, we not only design but also develop. We’re world‑famous for creating business websites / mobile apps that meet our clients’ goals by merging brand storytelling and award‑winning web design with the latest and greatest web technologies. Our sites convert well, and people share them like crazy, which helps us get new clients who are already huge fans of our work.

For example, the new Teledentix.com website we recently redesigned has seen a blasting 156% spike in conversion. Yes, that’s 2.7 times more. With each new project, we challenge ourselves to try something new, like improving our processes to optimize costs or work faster without losing quality.

We are an India‑based globally UX design agency; we partner with startups big and small all the time. What can be better than helping founders bring to life ideas the world has never seen before? We enjoy a fast‑moving environment that challenges our skillset and process.

The ultimate achievement for us is seeing our startup clients grow and take over the world. We worked with Uber clone when they were a team of ten and helped design such iconic products as Path and SendGrid.

We have special discounted rates for startups we believe in. Email our CEO, Prince Pal Singh, to learn more.

Yes, we’re up to the challenge. We’re one of the few user experience firms specializing in enterprise UX design and digital transformation of legacy business software. We’ve perfected our process over the years, modernizing digital platforms for Fortune 100 companies such as Teledentix, EasyBioData, and Juniper Networks.

We start each new enterprise UX project with a deep‑dive discovery and research to fully immerse ourselves in the industry and project specifics. Our services span from user research and information architecture, UX design, prototyping, and user testing to full‑stack development and design systems. Our team acts as an independent entity that moves fast, avoiding the bureaucracy of a large organization, often working hand‑in‑hand with innovation labs and in‑house UX teams.

Here is an insight into the standard process followed by Rapidsoft Technologies:

  • Project Discovery & Understanding
  • Scoping & Estimations
  • Wire-framing & Functionality
  • Design & Development
  • Testing
  • App Store Optimization
  • Publishing
  • Maintenance & Support